Black Galleksa Invisible Bookshelf

This stylish black Galleksa Invisible Bookshelf makes a great addition to any home. It has a modern design yet will fit perfectly into any home thanks to the simple style. The clever design of the bracket makes these bookcases seem to float against your wall and will help to display your favourite books.

Whether in a bedroom, study or living room, this black Galleksa Invisible Bookshelf is perfect for any home. If you’re looking for an alternative to run of the mill bookcases, then this has to be it. Turn any wall in your house into a feature wall thanks to this stylish invisible bookshelf.

One Black Galleksa Invisible Bookshelf

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Gift for friend

These Galleksa Invisible Bookshelves make a unique birthday gift for a friend or family member. If you have a friend who adores reading and has lots of books, then they’ll love these ingenious bookshelves. They’ll be so grateful for the thoughtful birthday gift and for a beautiful shelf to store their favourite books

Two Black Galleksa Invisible Bookshelves

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For bigger house

Two Galleksa Invisible Bookshelves are a great choice if you have a little more space or a few more books to store. They can be placed side by side or one above the other. Either way, they great if you’re looking to fill a medium sized wall.

Three Black Galleksa Invisible Bookshelves

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New home gift

Do you know someone who has recently moved house? Perhaps they’ve just got married and are looking to fill their new home with beautiful furniture. If so, then these Galleksa Invisible Bookshelves are the gift that they need. Both stylish and functional, no other bookshelf can compare.

Four Black Galleksa Invisible Bookshelves

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For bibliophile

Have you got a friend who loves to read, be it a tragedy, history or comedy? Are they looking for a unique way to show off their favourite novels? Then these Galleksa Invisible Bookshelves are a must have gift. Whether as a birthday present, Christmas present or just as a spontaneous gift, they’ll love these floating bookshelves.


So, whether as a birthday or Christmas gift, these Galleksa Invisible Bookshelves make an ideal storage solution for books no matter the size of your house or available wall space. The ingenious design is unlike any other bookshelf and although modern, they will complement any existing style or colour scheme within the room.

These floating bookshelves make a refreshing change from the ordinary and will create a feature on any wall in any house. If you’re looking for a great way to show off you book collection, then Galleksa Invisible Bookshelves are just what you’ve been waiting for.

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