Silver Galleksa Invisible Bookshelf

This silver Galleksa Invisible Bookshelf has a contemporary design that beautifully complements any interior. This is not only a clever way to display your books and other items, but it also acts as a feature within any room of your house. This stunning silver bookshelf creates the illusion that it is floating when in fact it is securely fixed to your wall thanks to the cleverly concealed brackets.

If you’re looking for a great alternative to other free-standing or wall-mounted bookcases, then this stylish silver Galleksa Invisible Bookshelf is the ideal solution for you and will fit perfectly in a study, bedroom or living room.

One Silver Galleksa Invisible Bookshelf

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For modern tiny house

One Galleksa Invisible Bookshelf is ideal if you’re short on space and it’s the perfect size for a small room or wall. It will hardly take up any space and yet can hold up to 12kg, enough for a few heavy books or lots of smaller books.

Two Silver Galleksa Invisible Bookshelves

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Birthday gift for friend

These Galleksa Invisible Bookshelves make a unique birthday gift for a friend or family member. If you have a friend who adores reading and has lots of books, then they’ll love these ingenious bookshelves. They’ll be so grateful for the thoughtful birthday gift and for a beautiful shelf to store their favourite books

Three Silver Galleksa Invisible Bookshelves

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For large house

Three Galleksa Invisible Bookshelves are perfect if you have a large house or lots of wall space. They look fantastic when arranged vertically against a wall especially if you have a lot of books or items that you want to display. Three is the magic number!

Four Silver Galleksa Invisible Bookshelves

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As Christmas gift

If you’re struggling to find unique and thoughtful Christmas gifts for your friends and family, then these Galleksa Invisible Bookshelves are your answer. They are especially great for anyone who enjoys reading and wants to display their favourite books. They’re really easy to install and are sure to be a hit over the festive period.


So, whether as a birthday or Christmas gift, these Galleksa Invisible Bookshelves make an ideal storage solution for books no matter the size of your house or available wall space. The ingenious design is unlike any other bookshelf and although modern, they will complement any existing style or colour scheme within the room.

These floating bookshelves make a refreshing change from the ordinary and will create a feature on any wall in any house. If you’re looking for a great way to show off you book collection, then Galleksa Invisible Bookshelves are just what you’ve been waiting for.

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