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There is your tekst


Our bookshelves are in 3 colours and 4 sizes(packed 1,2,3,4)

Above in the menu there are 3 links WHITE, SILVER and BLACK which represents the colours of bookshelves.

I want to divide the page in 3 parts

  1. introduction – (example WHITE page) something about white colour why is nice and fit in room why is good for bookshelves (100 words)
  2. Main area dividen in 4
    1. One Galleksa Invisible Bookshelf – 100 words for who for example for tiny tiny house
    2. two for christmas gif for example
    3. three for new home gift for example
    4. four for bibliophile    (or big house or something elese)
  3. End of text and here we want conclusion that all sizes can be for each above(Conclusion Galleksa invisible bookshelves are for all houses for all kinds of gifts and you can buy all sizes for all those purposes)

Part B and C I want to leave the same in all pages

Part A colours – of course we have to change to match page.

So here is what I need 3 text about colours 4 text about size and 1 conclusion

Of course if you have ideas to make different texts in sizes area on another colours pages I am happy to pay more:)


Please use keywords

  • Galleksa Invisible Bookshelf
  • floating bookshelf
  • concealed bookshelf
  • invisible bookshelf